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About Haubstadt, IN - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Haubstadt, Indiana is a small quintessentially Midwestern town.  It was initially named Haub's Station, named for an early settler named Henry Haub.   Mr. Haub built the community's first home and began to create business and industry in hopes of fostering a booming economy.  He owned a stagecoach shop, general store, and trading post which were all housed in the same building. A dance hall was later also built upstairs from Mr. Haub's tavern and store.  The huge complex was later turned into The Log Inn, which is formally documented as the first restaurant in the entire state.  It still exists and is an incredibly famous local landmark.

On June 14, 1990, as the summer sun beat down upon the town, a train de-railed coming through town. In the derailment most of downtown and much of Haubstadt's antiquity was demolished.  It was later found that the railroad had not been maintained properly.  This was quite sad as so many buildings were lost and so much of the history of the town was destroyed.  However, as luck would have it, the town’s most famous building – The Log Inn - was not hurt.

The area is a living museum to Early American culture that can be seen all over the place.  The nearby town of New Harmony was an early American settlement with Utopian ideals and progressives moved there in the 1800s to create change. There, they held advanced investigations in schooling, collective existence and art. Though many wonderful things were endeavored there the community, unfortunately, ultimately failed. But, the philosophies and ideals of communities lived on and planted seeds that were harvested in later generations.  In addition, the adjacent community of Newburgh is well worth a trip. The buildings around Main St. have been renovated and locals host "Ghost Walks” each fall. Throughout these outings, people hear all about the town’s part in the Civil War and Underground Railroad and more.  If you are interested in walking tour, you might prefer to choose spring, summer or fall for your visit.  Winter might be a bit chilly for an evening excursion.